Your Wealth Garden Series – Part Two: Creating the Conditions for Growth

To our clients and community, 

When I moved into my home it came with a 20 year-old garden and the first thing I wanted to do was to go to the nursery and pick out plants. But when I got there the person helping me asked me about my garden—what is the space like, how’s the light, the water source—and I realized I needed to take a step back before I started putting things in the ground. It’s the same way with investing. Before we invest, we need to get to know our financial starting point and build a plan. So that’s what we will talk about in Part Two, “Creating the Conditions for Growth.” 

To view Part One, “Your Portfolio is a Garden,” click here

To view Part Two, “Creating the Conditions for Growth,” click the image below. 

Click here for Part Three of the series “Designing your Financial Garden.” 


Anne B. Johnston
Managing Director at Created

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