Demystifying Financial Credentials

To our clients and community, Would you be surprised to know that not all wealth advisors hold themselves to a standardized set of principles? Not even close.  Some are fiduciaries. Some are not. Some are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. Some are not. You’ve probably heard these terms, but what do they really mean? Below, we… Read More

My Money Roots

To our clients and community, Everyone has “deep-seeded” beliefs around money, whether conscious or not. Your “money story” is the narrative and source of your behavior around money, growing from the people and experiences that have shaped your life.  At Created, when we begin working with a client, we help them draw and articulate their… Read More

Spring Cleaning Your Financial Life

To our clients and community, Many of our new clients come to us with dusty file boxes (literally or figuratively) piling up in the corner of their home. They tell us that dealing with them feels overwhelming, emotional, and downright Herculean. This is a near universal experience.  One of our passions at Created is taking… Read More

What is Wealth? Old Ideas vs. Modern Ideas

To our clients and community, When we talk about “wealth,” what do we mean exactly? The word has evolved over time — originally derived from the word “wele” meaning well-being, later defined as “happiness,” and in the past century has become synonymous with money — and lots of it. This most recent definition feels one-dimensional… Read More

Reflecting & Giving in 2020

To our clients and community, As this most challenging of years comes to a close, we are filled with thanks…To our minds and bodies for adapting in difficult circumstances, to our colleagues, family, friends, and neighbors for their support and generosity of spirit, and, as always, to our clients for entrusting us with your goals… Read More

The Movement to Independence in Wealth Management

So much has changed in the world of wealth management over the last few decades, much of which the average consumer is unaware. Here at Created, one movement in particular  – referred to as the “Movement to Independence” away from big brokerage wirehouses – has been integral to our journey and a source of major… Read More

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