Wealth is a Redwood

Dear clients and community,

As a financial advisor, I’ve noticed that many people view wealth as something mysterious and overwhelming, much like a machine that we don’t fully understand. 

However, what if we looked at wealth in a different way?

Imagine standing under a redwood tree. 

The size of these magnificent giants inspires wonder! You might think that such tall trees must have deep roots. However: redwood roots actually extend outward, intertwining with neighboring trees for fortification and support. Together, they withstand winds and storms and stand tall for hundreds – and even thousands – of years. 

This analogy can also be applied to wealth.

Like a redwood, wealth is: rooted, expansive, and connected.

Rooted: I know that I am safe. I feel financially secure. My beliefs and values support me and my goals. 

Expansive: Wealth is growing toward a vision of life that is specific to me, that I created.   

Connected: I know that I am not alone. I support others and others support me. I’ve cultivated a nurturing environment for me and the people I care about. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t how we have historically framed the concept of wealth. As a result, many people feel like they don’t understand the “machine” of wealth and worry about their finances. 

We want to change that.

This year, we will be guiding you through an exploration of a new way to define wealth and expand the wealth in your life by thinking of it like a redwood: rooted, expansive, and connected. 

Let’s GROW!

In good wealth,

Anne B. Johnston
Founder & Managing Director at Created

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