Your Wealth Garden Series – Part Three: Designing your Financial Garden

To our clients and community, 

When people think of “wealth” they often think of money, but finances and your financial garden are only one area of the larger “garden of wealth” in your life. Did you know that the word wealth comes from the old Middle English word ‘wele,’ which means ‘well-being?’ So when we talk about wealth in the greater sense, we’re talking about the experience of living a fulfilling life. The question then becomes: How can you organize your finances so that you have what you need to experience wealth, in a more expansive sense of the word? That’s what we explore in Part 3: Designing Your Financial Garden.

To view Part Three, “Designing your Financial Garden,” click the image below. 

Click here for Part Four of the series “Caring for your Financial Garden.” 


Anne B. Johnston
Managing Director at Created 

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