At Created, part of our mission is to “share the wealth” by making transformative financial ideas more broadly accessible via educational materials, courses, thought leadership, Wealth Salons, and other resources in order to cultivate greater wealth and financial health in our communities. 

If you’re on this page it means you are actively engaging in your own financial growth 🎉. Fabulous! We’re so happy you’re here. 

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  • Your Financial Garden: A Dynamic and Holistic Framework for Cultivating Wealth in your Life
  • Wealth is Created is an engaging, inspirational, and empowering video course where you will learn how to clarify your personal vision of freedom and fulfillment and structure your resources to bring it to life.


Losing a Loved One Guide


Wealth Salon 

Are you looking for an engaging speaker for your organization or circle of friends? We’re delighted to explore a Wealth Salon for your group on topics like transforming your relationship with money, investing with impact, or creating a values-aligned legacy. Send us a note here