Psychology of Financial Transitions

Dear Clients & Community, 

Part of our work is helping you navigate major life and financial transitions, such as loss of a spouse or parent; sale of a business or a creative project; or receiving a sum of money larger than what you’ve managed in the past via a settlement, gift, or increased income. 

Regardless of what type of life transition you are going through, transitions occur in 4 main stages, according to research conducted by the Sudden Money Institute.

Though all of our lives and circumstances are different, the qualities and challenges of these transition stages tend to be universal. That’s why knowing and understanding the hallmarks of each stage and how they may show up is important. Having awareness and being able to identify where you are in the transition process can be useful and even empowering.

In this video, I introduce you to the 4 main stages of transition and explain what to look for when you’re going through them, as well as how you might lean into them.

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Are you or someone you know going through a major life or financial transition right now? Feel welcome to reach out and share your observations with us.

In good wealth,

Anne B. Johnston
Managing Director at Created 

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