What is Wealth? Old Ideas vs. Modern Ideas

To our clients and community,

When we talk about “wealth,” what do we mean exactly? The word has evolved over time — originally derived from the word “wele” meaning well-being, later defined as “happiness,” and in the past century has become synonymous with money — and lots of it. This most recent definition feels one-dimensional in our modern world and confines the possibilities in our lives. When we expand the meaning beyond financial wealth only, it can change the way we see success, clarify the idea of what’s “enough,” and lead to a richer, more vibrant life. 

At Created, we posit that wealth is actually your personal experience of freedom and fulfillment. It’s about living a life that lights you up. Money is an important part of it, but true wealth has to do with organizing your life — and your resources — around what you value. 

We further explore Old Ideas vs. Created’s Modern Ideas of Wealth below, and we invite you to share your notions of wealth with us, too. We’d love to hear from you.

People are often more wealthy than they know. How can you direct your resources to create additional wealth in your life today?

In good wealth,

Your partners at Created

Original illustrations by Liana Vitousek, Carmel Valley, California 

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