To our clients and community,

We hope you had a wonderful summer.

Once upon a time, the season that we now know as “fall” or “autumn” was referred to simply as “harvest.” This was the time of year when farmers would collect their crops that had reached maturity and prepare them for winter storage. 

Every fall, we as your financial gardeners assess your personal portfolio’s growth and determine how to best prune and tend to your wealth garden for the coming season. This is because as your financial situation grows and changes, whether it’s from shifts in the market or your own life, we want to make sure that your portfolio continues to align with your ultimate vision. 

For example: if you invest in stocks and bonds in proportions that match the level of risk you’re comfortable with but then, the market shifts, you might need to trim some of your overgrowth and reinvest where you’re under-allocated in order to get back to your target level of risk.  

Or perhaps you’re considering selling your business. The moment you begin to contemplate it, let us know. This allows us to look at your wealth garden with fresh eyes so that we can make sure your new resources are allocated in the most fruitful way. You may even find that you’ll be in a position to contribute to others (which could also be beneficial to you from a tax perspective)!  

If you’re a Created client, we will be reaching out to you soon to schedule our fall meeting to refresh your personalized portfolio and discuss changes in the environment.  

For others in our community, check out our resources at createdwealth.com/garden or reach out to schedule a consultation with us.  

All the best,

Your Partners at Created

Original illustration by Liana Vitousek, Carmel Valley, California⠀

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