Learn to confidently make financial decisions through the lens of your values

The Money Roots Wealth Salon is an intimate 2-hour live digital or in-person workshop hosted by Anne Johnston, Founder and Managing Director of Created Wealth Advisory.

✽ Discover your money roots
✽ Rewrite limiting stories
✽ Gain financial clarity & confidence

You shouldn’t need an advanced finance degree to make clear and confident financial decisions.

We all want to make clear and confident financial decisions that are aligned with our values.

Even really smart people struggle with this, because they find the world of finance to be frustrating and confusing.

Have you ever…

  • Felt jargon-bombed in a conversation with a financial advisor?
  • Noticed your eyes glazing over while reading a financial statement or report?
  • Been overwhelmed that your mental real estate is taken up by worry and concern around financial decisions?

When I started my career in finance, it felt like going to a different country where all the billboards were in a different language. 

It felt overwhelming, confusing, and sometimes pretty boring.

What if instead finance could be clear, approachable, and beautiful?

While it’s important to learn basic financial concepts, we believe that the quickest and most direct way to enhance the level security and freedom you feel around money is to explore your relationship with money.

Many of our beliefs about money are unconscious. At Created, we refer to our beliefs and stories about money as “Money Roots.”

In this Wealth Salon, we will illuminate your Money Roots, so that you’ll be able to identify which ones are supporting your goals and dreams, and rewrite those that are holding you back. This is a profound, foundational step in your journey to making clear and confident financial decisions that are aligned with your values.

Why your money roots matter

Illuminate Your Existing Money Beliefs

Many of our beliefs about money are unconscious. By bringing awareness to them, you gain the opportunity to choose which of those beliefs are supporting you in creating the life that you want.

Rewrite limiting Money stories

Once you are aware of your money stories, you become the author of your financial life. You may not even realize how some of your money beliefs are holding you back. During this Wealth Salon, you will have the opportunity to rewrite those beliefs so that they serve you and your goals.

Gain financial clarity and confidence

Now that you’ve authored money stories that truly serve you, you have a framework to make financial decisions through the lens of your values.

For many people, the Money Roots framework reduces the time spent waffling between “should I or shouldn’t I,” worrying about making the “right” financial decision. It helps you feel a sense of rootedness, as well as a deeper level of security, financial command, and satisfaction.

“It’s not polite to talk about money”

So many of us grew up believing that it’s not polite to talk about money.

According to a study by Fidelity:

  • 80% of women have, at some point, refrained from talking about their finances to those they are close with.
  • 50% of women who have a primary investment firm have never spoken with a representative there.

This is bananas.

It’s essential to have conscious conversations about money. And that’s what we’re going to do, together, in a safe space.

Money Roots Wealth Salon

Program Details:

Join an intimate circle of women for a creative, illuminating, and empowering virtual workshop where you’ll discover the roots of your money beliefs, rewrite any limiting stories, and gain clarity and confidence making financial decisions through the lens of your values.

Venue: Zoom


“The Money Roots Salon helped me gain self-awareness. I now notice what I choose to spend money on, and also how my parents view money and how that is reflected in them, and therefore me. It definitely has me rethinking what money represents to me and allowing myself or giving myself permission, for self-care, for investing in that, and not feeling guilty. This experience was extremely valuable, and powerful.


“This was unlike anything I have ever done.  I had never thought about money in this way, ever. I liked the small Zoom vibe. It felt casual, like a conversation.
The self-reflection part was invaluable. I realized how anxious my money habits had been making me, and where they came from. Anne takes the shame out of it. Zero judgment. No regrets. Moving forward.


“There were a lot of ah-ha moments for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about how feelings about money, and how you view it, comes to you through your family and how much you absorb without ever really thinking about it. It seems obvious now, having done the exercises, but it’s been sitting below the surface all my life. And now having identified those inherited beliefs about money, you can accept them, change them or reject them.”


Important Disclaimer: Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. Testimonials herein were solicited by Created from participants in a Wealth Salon held in 2021 and are non-representative of all event participants. Participants were not compensated for sharing their opinion and experience with Created in the 2021 Wealth Salon.

Hi there, I’m Anne!

Founder & Managing Director, Created Wealth Advisory

I started my career at a large global wealth manager just before 2008. Right around then, layoffs started on Wall Street and I walked into work one day and discovered that out of my class of 100+ trainees I was the only one left. I had less than a year to bring in clients. I looked down the corridors of mostly men 3-4 decades my senior and I asked myself: what can I do to make a difference? 

I grew up in Georgia with a sister with special needs. And at the time I was teaching a class for families with loved ones with special needs in the community. I remember seeing parents raising their hands and ask, “What’s going to happen to my child when I’m no longer around?” 

They weren’t merely asking how much money they needed to BE secure. They were also asking about what they needed to do to FEEL secure.

That’s how I realized that wealth isn’t just about numbers on a spreadsheet, it’s about a profound experience of security and freedom.

That’s how I started as a financial advisor.

For the next 15 years I would sit next to clients who had received life changing money – money enough to permanently provide for their needs – and I noticed over and over that money alone did not create peace and fulfillment in their lives. 

So I began a quest to learn everything I could about the human side of money, working with research groups and financial psychologists around the country. 

That’s the principle on which I founded Created. We combine the human and technical sides of wealth management to guide, plan and invest for our clients so that they can create lives and legacies that light them up.


  • LA Business Journal The Most Influential Wealth Managers in Los Angeles
  • Forbes America’s Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisors (2018)
  • Forbes Next Gen Best-In-State Wealth Advisors (2019)

We look forward to spending an illuminating 2 hours with you!