The Movement to Independence in Wealth Management

So much has changed in the world of wealth management over the last few decades, much of which the average consumer is unaware. Here at Created, one movement in particular  – referred to as the “Movement to Independence” away from big brokerage wirehouses – has been integral to our journey and a source of major… Read More

In Times of Uncertainty, Be a Redwood

We are thinking of our clients, colleagues, friends and neighbors right now.  This is an unprecedented financial and social moment. Business activity around the world has been halted due to shutdown measures put in place to slow the spread of the virus. While we have seen record levels of stimulus intended to support markets, businesses… Read More

We are home together

To our clients and community, Well, our lives look different now than they did a few weeks ago. Many of us have experienced things we never imagined: walking into a crowded market with empty shelves; saying “hello” to our neighbors from a safe distance of 6 feet; wiping down groceries; counting our toilet paper rolls… Read More

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